Monday, February 7, 2011

Cuties MPP(multi-purppose Pouch);Animals the series..

Salam and hei everybody..
See what i got this week for your eyes ;) . As usual embroidery is my pleasure..i'm very adore these cute handmade pouch(masuk bakul angkat sediri daaa...) that i've made on last CNY holiday.. i thought to name the batch by animal the series. and yesterday affternoon(sunday) the foto shoot took place(lucky it was not raninig). I call it MPP cos i made it on unspecific purpose use, can be anything-pouch, wristlet and beg....and whatever!... so layanz lahhhzzz

the animals series...

 miss love chiken

Mr Dolphins

 Baby bear

 miss bee

sweety fishoo

Mama's penguin.
this exlusive cheker is frm Bandung, and this is 1st time i using it for my handmade!

and the last but not least is a wristlet for someone special,written 'love you' on it..

these cuties little begs is waiting for their strap and charm before being released out.

ok daaa..happy viewing, got to go..bye bye


aimila said...

haih..rajin bebeno cik KA kita nih..cntik n cute tambah lg ngan embroidery tu..

khadijahanisa said...

bkn selalu kerajinan dtg bertamu...byk time malas!