Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Single quilt blanket & baby quilt

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

Last weekend i have finished 1 single blanket and baby quilt for my customers.  As i'm not in the mood of writing i hope everybody enjoying the pictures here..

handstitch binding

anyone intereseted please wassap me to :019-9825652

thank you

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wajah 2014

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

Thanks to myself, being successfully in making this blog new branding. I have had whole day to remade, edit and choose template for this new look blog. As times pass by so fast, I had not blogging for almost a year! now is in the middle of February suddenly i today thinking about my blog. i miss it. i even had not blog walking for a long time as long as i abandoned my blog.

Fuhhhh...it a long story to tell, despite of my health condition issue, i 'suddenly' come up with "Handmade Cottage" a little shop that sell fabrics and supplies sewing and quilting notions, craft accessory and ready made products by handmade. I am still employee to my employer, a wife , a housewife, a mother to a daughter and a seamstress.  How do i manage my routine with those obligations on my shoulder? don't ask how.. even i didn't notice times passing by. but it(the shop) consuming my times a lot. Since it open in July 2013 i had employ 3 shops assistants in and out, they all were working for a few months and left with a reason not interest in sewing! oh my...the shop is a paradise for me as i really most wanted to be surrounding a pile of fabrics and sewing gadgets. But the beauty of fabric and adorable gadgets were not attracted them to stay longer assist me in the shop. well...modern teenagers! not many having interest and like to be involved in tradition activity and industry- a seamstress. And to ease my problem i ask my niece to take care of the shop for a while during her long school holiday for stpm result and it almost a month, and my life more easier.  But i have to figure out a long term plan in the future...if she is no longer can't help me for her real future life?!

i don't feel like to think about it today and tomorrow...and next tomorrow too.  let me enjoy my sewing planner and give me sometime to entertain my customers!

to my customers: thank you for the supports given all this while.

i have to go, i will be back sooner or later...hihihii...by the way here is a link that might be you need to shop somethings you need..


enjoy your weekend.